Two-Stage Reconstruction with Alloderm

Breast reconstruction is frequently performed in two-stages, to allow adequate healing of the mastectomy incisions and to optimize the final result.

In the first stage following the mastectomy, Dr. Spear carefully elevates your pectoralis major muscle and secures a tissue expander in place. This expander is only partially filled with saline to prevent stress on the healing mastectomy flaps, and a piece of specialized tissue called “Alloderm”, is secured over the lower pole of the expander to reinforce and stabilize the coverage of the expander and inframammary fold. The expander is then easily filled with saline in the office, usually starting around two weeks after the procedure.

Once you have finished any necessary chemotherapy or radiation and the expander has been fully expanded to the size agreed upon by you and Dr. Spear, a second surgical stage is planned where the expander is exchanged for the softer, permanent implant.