Patient Testimonials

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“Dr. Scott Spear is the most amazing surgeon! I would strongly recommend him to anyone!

I had a very unfortunate experience with breast augmentation. I had a complication called capsular contracture where scar tissue forms around the implant and distorts the breasts making it hard and painful. I had multiple surgeries to attempt to correct this issue from a prior surgeon. All were unsuccessful and I was in physical and emotional pain for years.

Then I found Dr. Scott Spear who gave me my hope back. I underwent surgery and I was not disappointed! Dr. Spear did an amazing job restoring my breasts and giving me my life back. I am finally free to live a normal life free from embarrassment and pain.

Dr. Scott Spear is an internationally recognized leader in plastic and reconstructive surgery, annually been named one of the Best Doctors in America, published extensively on Plastic Surgery and has taught and lectured for many years.

He is a true professional, humble, confident and truly cares about his patients. His RN Lisa Grollman and Executive Assistant Sonia Alexander are truly amazing! They helped me so much! They are both so professional and extremely caring. They responded promptly to me whenever I needed their assistance.

I learned too late after the fact that capsular contracture has a very high complication rate and is one of the worst complications of breast surgery. However, in Dr. Spear’s hands and with his technique whether it is initial surgery or reconstruction he has close to a perfect success rate.

He is truly worth traveling to for surgery or at least a consultation. You won’t be sorry. It may save you years of grief and you will be so pleased with the results!

THANK YOU Dr. Scott Spear! I will always be so GRATEFUL!!!”

“Breast cancer is frightening. When faced with the reality of a mastectomy, the fear of losing a defining feminine feature sets in. Options for breast reconstruction are overwhelming, especially for someone exhausted from chemotherapy. This is true for all patients including those who themselves are plastic surgeons.

As a plastic surgeon, I had a serious advantage regarding a full understanding of breast reconstruction options. Nevertheless, I thought it prudent to seek a number of opinions from plastic surgery colleagues.

When it came to choosing a plastic surgeon for my breast reconstruction, Dr. Scott Spear was a natural choice. Dr. Spear trained me in plastic surgery. Our professional and personal relationship spans twenty-seven years. With my experience operating alongside Dr. Spear, I have always regarded him as an excellent surgeon. His technical skills and sense of aesthetics are fabulous. Having known Dr. Spear over the years, I can confidently say that in addition to his surgical prowess, he is one of the most caring individuals I have ever known.

I underwent a nipple sparing, double mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction last summer. Prophylactic mastectomy on my non-cancerous breast was a decision that required some thought. After discussion with my general surgeon and Dr. Spear, I decided this was the best option.

The results are incredible! From a psychological point, I truly felt as if I never lost my breasts. I feel comfortable with and without clothing, and have no sense of having lost my femininity. The best part, of course, is that I am cancer free!

Once given the diagnosis of breast cancer, you must understand it is an arduous road. If you are fortunate, this disease occupies only one year of your life. It is important for both your mental and physical wellbeing to be surrounded by supportive friends and excellent professionals. Dr. Spear is both.”


“Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate the special care and thoughtfulness you’ve given me before, during, and since my surgery. Normally, most patients wouldn’t undergo 10-12 hours in the operating room doing multiple procedures as you’ve said, but I appreciate having your devoted attention and moral support during this difficult time in my life. It means so much to have such wonderful people as you to take care of those in need, especially me… more than you could ever know. Everyone on the team – doctors, nurses, office assistants – provided extra special care to me but Dr. Spear – you, Lisa, Mary Beth, and Sonia deserve an extra special thank you for all you’ve done for me.”


“I’m sure I am not the first, nor will I be the last to feel like you are family. Your skill, understanding and compassion…starting with the incomparable Dr. Spear, have made this year and transition to a cancer free life one of kindness, compassion and all my expectations were met!”


“The Oscars and the Emmys give awards for the Best Ensemble Cast. I don’t have a statue to present, but I can write a letter to you to you expressing what an outstanding experience I have had with Dr. Scott Spear and his ensemble staff. Every step of the way, from the day of my surgery throughout my convalescence, Dr. Spear and his team patiently answered my questions and reassured me. Dr. Spear the “artist”. I will always remember him as the extraordinarily talented physician and consummate professional with a great sense of humor.”


“I feel very blessed and fortunate to have met you and experience your surgical expertise with my synmastia repair. You have made a difference in my life and how I see myself. I am forever grateful. Thank you for your time, wonderful care and professionalism.”


“I am writing to thank you for your brilliant surgical skills as well as your caring, compassion, and kindness in accepting me as a patient and in handling my difficult breast reconstruction. Your personal attention to my unique situation and your commitment to ensure that my results are excellent are a testament to your professionalism, great talent and big heart.”


“Being in the medial profession, it said a lot that when I asked my colleagues which plastic surgeon I should see they all directed me to you. That said, from the moment I first came to your office, I felt profoundly relieved. You restored a lot of the hope that I had lost and helped me navigate through some very difficult decisions. I greatly appreciate your expertise and the sense of reassurance you were able to provide me and my family. You do profound work and change lives, and I continue to be humbled by that amazing gift.”


“I wanted to thank you very much for taking such good care of me. You and your team were so kind and caring, it made me feel much more calm and relaxed. Thank you for taking so much care in my surgery. You and your team made me feel very well cared for”


“First and foremost, I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent care and support you provided during this very difficult time in my life. I am in no way exaggerating, when I say that I have never received this kind of exceptional treatment, care and support. A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Spear, for whose utmost professionalism and strive for perfection made me believe and trust in a doctor for the first time in my life. It is understandable why you are considered on of the top plastic surgeons in the country. Thank you for your amazing sense of humor, your consideration for what is best for me and for your dedication to ensuring a perfect outcome.”


“Do you believe in the healing powers that derive from a doctor’s soul? Surely you would if you were ever in the healing hands and heart of a medical practitioner like Dr. Spear”.


“I just celebrated 10 years free of breast cancer. Waking up with a new breast following my mastectomy seemed miraculous, without your talents coping with cancer it would have been much more difficult. Breast cancer is a nasty disease, but having you for a doctor is priceless. I well remember your kindness, understanding, honesty and sense of humor. You are a gem of a doctor and the best plastic surgeon in the world”.


“I have been a nurse for over 20 years, with a variety of backgrounds in the inpatient and outpatient settings, so I would say I am an expert judge of medical professionalism, expertise, and quality care. Dr. Spear and his team have an absolute “A+” program from start to finish. An impressive, informative website, friendly and knowledgeable front office staff, a caring and informative Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Dr. Spear’s calming and utmost professional, expert knowledge and skills provided me a confident and comfortable pre-op, surgical, and post-op experience. My plastic surgery results far exceeded what I imagined. Thanks so much!”


“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for being so wonderful to my husband and me before, during and after my surgeries. I can’t say enough great things about you all! Every time I called, or came in, or just had a question, I was treated as though I was the most important person to come in that day. You could not have been nicer!”


“Your expertise and talent in your profession have provided me and so many others with a renewed sense of vitality and confidence- in essence, a new and improved life.”


“Dr. Spear has delivered all that he promised. I am tremendously pleased with his work and am finally able to feel comfortable with the way I look. He is a very skilled and diligent physician. I never felt that I was getting short shrift, but to the contrary, that in spite of his demanding schedule, I had his undivided attention. We are indeed fortunate to live in this area and to have the expertise and experience of doctors like Scott Spear.”


“In the two months since Dr. Spear performed a revision of my bilateral breast reconstruction, my life has been transformed?in short, for the first time since the fall of 1991, I feel good. I am living in a different body. I am pain free and my chest no longer looks mutilated. Excepting the scars, which will fade, it looks remarkably normal.”


“You are a truly gifted surgeon and I shall be forever grateful!”


“Thank you so much for giving “me” back again. You do great work! From someone who has had to deal with too many doctors over the past 10 years, your office is amongst the most professional and courteous I have ever come across. Many, many thanks!”


“Your staff were all phenomenal. Nothing went by unnoticed. The professionalism and friendly atmosphere contributed to our sense of security and our admiration of your department at Georgetown University Hospital.”


“I can’t believe the difference you have made in my life. Please know every time I see myself (especially in a bathing suit) I say, ‘Thank God for Dr. Spear’.”


“I am so grateful to be one of your patients!”


“I thank God every day that I ended up at your office. I want you to know that you have far surpassed all of my expectations. You are incredibly talented and in addition to that, you are as kind and patient as they come.”


“I am very impressed with Dr. Spear’s artistic and surgical ability to recreate a part of the human anatomy that is indistinguishable from nature. I am most grateful to Dr. Spear and his staff for the attention and understanding that I received.”


“I have rarely seen such professional care delivered with such sincere and generous support and concern.”


“The result has been, to say the least, amazing! A great compliment to your expertise and worthy of an enormous THANK YOU from me!”


“I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 1/2 years ago, at the age of 38. I chose to be aggressive and underwent a bilateral mastectomy with chemotherapy and radiation. I had two failed implant surgeries, as well as a failed 9 hour gluteal free flap surgery (not under Dr. Spear’s care). Thankfully, a friend suggested that I consult Dr. Spear. After a very candid discussion of my limited options, I decided to allow Dr. Spear one final attempt to help me. Dr. Spear performed a successful TRAM-flap surgery to reconstruct my right breast, which was previously left concave with a protruding rib. In every step of the process, from surgery to recovery to follow-ups, I received absolutely excellent care. I am indebted to Dr. Spear for finally providing me the last stepping stone in my journey with breast cancer. I will finally put this all behind me!”